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The TRU Podcasters Toolkit.

The TRU Podcasters Toolkit.

The Podcaster’s Tool Kit an image of a kid screaming into a microphone.
The Podcaster’s Tool Kit from TRU

The fine folks at Thompson Rivers University have done it again. This time they are making themselves heard, or not surprisingly, helping their faculty be heard through podcasts and other formats for audio presentation.

This site… is an open educational resource designed for faculty to get online with their scholarly audio recordings.

The Podcaster’s Tool Kit


Podcasts make great collaborative and capstone projects for students. Some great examples:

It walks you through all the steps needed to produce and distribute your audio.  While these things are often institution specific, we are developing our own workflow and resources for the Simon Fraser instructional community.

Our rough draft is included here

Audio Recording/Podcasting

We also are running a Pro Soundcloud account which we would be able to utilize for a variety of SFU projects, should it be helpful.

Podcasting at SFU



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