Indigenous Story Studio takes on Covid-19

Interested in supporting a new kickstarter campaign to make a “Whiteboard video on staying safe with Covid-19”? Sean Muir from the Indigenous Story Studio is undertaking this challenge, and would like to hear from you. “We want to create a series of whiteboard videos on Covid-19 tailored for at-risk populations …

Free audio for educational podcasts

It’s always a struggle to find good beds and backgrounds for your audio projects. There many “royalty-free’ music services these days, but most of them seem to have at least one foot in a “pay to play” business model. I had good luck browsing BeatPick, but ultimately, its Soundcloud that is the leader here.  Here is a great little tutorial on the basics of searching for some great audio.

Collaborate on Jamboard

Jamboard has been around for awhile. This is a particularly “cinematic” promotional video that, while it does wax very poetic, does a decent job of highlighting some of Jams best features. In particular they are touting the benefits for creative brainstorming.

You will need a google account to take advantage of this tool.



¡ First post !

We are thrilled to kick off the SFU Media Lab.  In response to an increasing need for instructors to teach online, the media lab working group is dedicated to scour, compile and spin new learning opportunities to make, produce content in creative and engaging ways. Here is one of our …