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¡MediaCast!  Episode #1 – Zoom at SFU

¡MediaCast! Episode #1 – Zoom at SFU

¡MediaCast! Episode #1 - Zoom at SFU

Welcome The SFU MediaCast! Episode #1! Our current tagline is…

“A podcast dedicated to the use of Educational Media, Technology & Techniques for teaching.”

This week is our first episode, launching officially on the MediaLab website. The interview was recorded several weeks ago now, but I have been experimenting with the various hosting services available to us such as Soundcloud and Mediasite. (you will need an SFU computing ID to access that second link) I was even trying to upload and host this file here, on the SFU MEdiaLab website which is an open, WordPress platform hosted by the OpenETC.  At this point I have not been able to upload and host the audio file but am currently working on the bugs there.

I was grateful to Olga Belikov for our discussion, as she has emerged as our point person for all things related to Zoom. There a number of very popular Zoom workshops that are well attended and you can find out more by visiting the Centre for Educational Excellence home page. There are also resources available Zoom and the SFU hosted version, our policies around privacy and the like.

I hope to write more in depth synopsis and reflections on future episodes.


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